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Whether you’re a fitness guru or a couch potato, you’ve no doubt suffered from cramps at some point – those uncontrollable, painful muscle twitches and spasms that can bring you to your knees.
The Live Well guide to lower back pain will help you identify what’s causing your pain and what your next steps should be.
A staggering 12 million Australian adults – or nearly 70 per cent of us – are either sedentary or have low levels of physical activity, according to the Department of Health. Being physically inactive can have a number of serious health effects. Here’s a rundown on what sitting too much can do to your body – and what you can do to change your lifestyle.
Long travel times that force you to sit in one spot for hours on end can be hazardous for your chiropractic health. Even if you can afford the more comfortable chairs of business and first class, lugging bags, trying to access the contents of your bag in a confined space and capturing a bit of shut-eye in the company of hundreds of fellow passengers can wreak havoc on your back and other muscles.
Almost two in three working Australians travel to their workplace by private car, according to analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data by social research company McCrindle. According to census data, those car trips are often long ones, with the average worker in Sydney and Melbourne spending over an hour a day in their car on their daily commute. Long periods of time spent cooped up in your car can be frustrating and stressful..
According to an Australian Government survey of physical activity in 2011-2012, adults watch TV for 13 hours a week and use the computer or internet for non-work activity for nine hours. That’s 22 hours of screen-time right there.