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The post-race plan: how to maintain your momentum after City2Surf Featured Image
After a long run like City2Surf, we have often pushed ourselves to our maximum fitness levels, and can sometimes want to take a break from running altogether for a period of time afterwards.
In the last week it’s especially important to keep the focus on overall health and ensuring the body is in prime condition for race day. This week is about tapering down the training intensity but not completely switching off.
With just two weeks to go before the 2014 Sun Herald City2Surf, Ryan Clark from Lifecycle Fitness shares his training schedule and top tips ahead of the race.
The team at Lifecycle Fitness has prepared a list of tips and tricks for the beginners and the advanced runners amongst us. These tips are a guide for anyone looking to run the 2014 City2Surf.
Just Another Mother blogger, Rowena Newman, wonders whether it’s not the kids who pose the bigger threat to our health and safety…
It’s Murphy’s Law that when the chemist is closed or you have a house full of guests, your child presents with a bee sting, a fever or a gash. But bad timing doesn’t have to spell panic if your medicine cabinet is stocked with these handy supplies.
In a world where the physical, financial and cultural concoction known as Kim Kardashian is famous for being ‘real’, how can any woman feel good about how she looks – let alone any mother, with smudges of baby food on her shirtfront and crushed crackers at the bottom of her handbag?
Motherhood is a big job, whether you manage to squeeze in some paid work or not. But fresh air, sunshine, a good coffee and magic moments with your very own munchkins make it that much easier to get through each day.
Walking 10,000 steps each day is recognised by researchers worldwide as an achievable amount of daily activity.
Poor posture at the desk can cause all sorts of body issues, including back pain, muscle degeneration and even lowered metabolism. Here's how to set yourself up for better health.
Bad posture can put pressure on your spine leading to fatigue and headaches as well as back pain. It can also compress your internal organs, affecting your breathing, digestion and blood pressure. Do the right thing by your body - and learn how to stand tall!