5 fab winter weekend workouts
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30th May 2014
5 fab winter weekend workouts

Allocating some time for these weekend workouts will be enough to blow out the cobwebs, keep you in shape and help you catch up with friends in the process.


Ice sports

With casual visits running the gamut from social sessions to freestyle figure skating, ice-discos to speed skating, and a game of curling or ice hockey, hitting the rink on the weekend can be a great way to keep fit and try something new.

Large leg muscles such as your quads and hamstrings are utilised most on the ice, but you’ll also get a chance to use the oft-neglected small stabiliser muscles in your knees, hips and ankles.

Your core also gets a workout as it tries hard to maintain your balance and posture while you skate.



Great for toning your legs and butt, bushwalking is also a sure-fire way to increase your cardiovascular fitness as you tackle peaks and troughs, trails and tunnels.

Many claim that dealing with uneven terrain also improves the strength of your feet, ankles and lower legs, while also giving your mood a lift as you navigate through nature.

If your legs are not used to long hikes, start off with a gentle five kilometre trek, and invest in some foot protection, such as Scholl Shock Absorbing Insoles Comfort Plus, for extra cushioning.


Winter swimming

Open water swimming is a great all-over body workout. If you have a sense of adventure, why not hit the ocean, where water temperatures can drop below 10°C during the winter months, depending on your location.

Most winter swimming clubs or groups offer social and casual memberships, allowing you to join the diehards for a refreshing shock to your system.

Check your local club website for details.


Social team sport

Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you can’t rally the troops for a social game of soccer or netball at your local sports centre.

Ball sports not only have you testing your cardiovascular system, stamina and speed, but your coordination and social skills will get a good workout, too.



Want to take your winter training indoors, but you’re sick of the gym? Why not try caving.

With 28 caving clubs registered with the Australian Speleological Federation and plenty of beginner level commercial tours on offer, caving is a great winter workout.

Guaranteed to test muscles you never knew you had as your abseil, crawl, climb, wriggle and squeeze through tunnels and chambers underground.


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