Tips to run your own race during the 2014 City2Surf: Final week
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8th August 2014
Tips to run your own race during the 2014 City2Surf: Final week

Ryan Clark from Lifecycle Fitness shares his final tips ahead of the 2014 City2Surf.

In the last week it’s especially important to keep the focus on overall health and ensuring the body is in prime condition for race day. This week is about tapering down the training intensity but not completely switching off. A good taper occurs by slowly reducing the amount of training and increasing our rest. This allows the body to rest up and be ready for the event by not carrying any fatigue or soreness into the race. Beginners and advanced runners will both be following a similar training schedule this week.

Aim to get at least 2 sessions in this week at a shorter distance and at a lower intensity. This ensures the legs and lungs are working well without exhausting the body. The first session should be at about 75% effort and around 40-50 minutes long and the second session should be around 30 minutes at about 60-70% effort.

The last session, regardless of beginner or advanced status, should be a light walk on the Saturday morning before race day. Similarly, this keeps muscles alert and keeps the mind focused on race day.

Diet and nutrition

It’s important that the diet for this week stays the same as the past few weeks. You do not want to upset your training diet and run the risk of falling ill on race day. As always, it’s important to eat plenty of healthy foods and lots of water to keep the body fuelled and hydrated all week.

The three key tips to having a great race day:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the race
  2. Warm up beforehand with a light jog
  3. Enjoy the race and celebrate afterwards!