Tips to run your own race during the 2014 City2Surf: Week two
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5th August 2014
Tips to run your own race during the 2014 City2Surf: Week two

With a short lead in time, week two is the time to put those muscles under the stress test and get some serious kilometres locked away.  Whether running, walking or jogging, it’s important to use week two as a chance to push yourself ahead of the 14-kilometre race.

BEGINNERS - those who are looking to walk/slow jog the race. This category would suit someone who is there to participate and cross the finish line rather than smashing time records.

ADVANCED - those who have run the City2Surf or a similar length event before. This category is for the runner who is hoping to do a personal best or at least run the whole 14km.

Week two training regime

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Diet and nutrition

Similar to the training schedule, it’s important to use this week as a chance to step up the nutrition and diet. Continue eating meats, veggies and salads for your main meals and nuts, coconut and avocado for snacks.  It’s especially important this week to eat and drink before training sessions as they act as a test run before heading into race day.

The most important point is keeping up a strong water intake to avoid dehydration.