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Scrapes, scratches and cuts are part and parcel of childhood, leaving small battle scars for stories later in life.While a scrape or scratch shouldn’t stop kids from playing outside and having fun, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of infection and how to treat them.
Sprains and strains are common ailments for adults and children undertaking physical activity such as group sport, exercise classes, or a workout at the gym. While a sprain and a strain are similar in symptoms, the muscle and ligament groups that are impacted vary.
Itching, scratching, redness and bumps – rashes are unwelcome and unpleasant. Rashes can often disappear as quickly as they formed, leaving many people wondering exactly what caused them. Thankfully there are some typical traits and precursors for most types of rash.
From dinnertime, playtime, family holidays and everything in-between we love to treat our pets as members of the family, sharing endless moments with them each and every day. However, could this have a negative effect on the health of your kids?
It makes sense that as the human race has evolved, our physical selves have too. But unlike normal theories of evolution, we may have actually been doing more damage than advancement when it comes to our feet.
With our frantic lifestyles, a headache is an inconvenience that can slow us down or in some cases stops us in our tracks. With one in two Australians experiencing headaches each year, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with and the best ways to treat it.
In the age of information, most Australians realise that the combination of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet is critical to overall health and wellbeing. Understanding that both are important, however, does not mean that we’re all effectively practicing both disciplines.
After a long run like City2Surf, we have often pushed ourselves to our maximum fitness levels, and can sometimes want to take a break from running altogether for a period of time afterwards.
In the last week it’s especially important to keep the focus on overall health and ensuring the body is in prime condition for race day. This week is about tapering down the training intensity but not completely switching off.
With just two weeks to go before the 2014 Sun Herald City2Surf, Ryan Clark from Lifecycle Fitness shares his training schedule and top tips ahead of the race.