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Fitting some exercise into your regular routine helps you manage your weight and supports your overall health. And taking some time out to slow down, regroup and settle that busy, buzzing mind can do wonders for your physical and psychological wellbeing.
Q When should I go to see the doctor with a cold?
There’s a new super food group on wellness experts’ radar, and it’s one that you’re probably already eating as part of your daily diet.
If you’re neither hot nor puffed and you are sweating excessively, sweating in strange places or producing an unpleasant smell, then there could be a health issue to consider.
When you’ve battled through the day with a heavy cold, all you want to do at night is collapse into a solid sleep. Frustratingly, sleep can be hard to come by when you are sniffling and snuffling through the wee hours. Here’s some good advice on how to set yourself up for a decent sleep – in spite of your cold.
Caffeine is a natural stimulant that works on your brain and nervous system. Small amounts can help you feel energised and focused - but have too much and you may end up anxious and sleepless. Keep an eye on just how much caffeine you're getting with this handy chart
Touch is one of the most common ways to spread germs. When you sneeze or cough, some germ droplets are transferred to your hands, while others fall onto the surfaces around you or get airborne. Healthy hygiene practices, such as regular handwashing and keeping high-traffic surfaces clean can help keep you healthy. But there may be something else you can do…
Screens have a permanent place in childhood, it seems, but evidence is mounting that too much time in front of a screen is making kids unhealthy and maybe even unhappy. Outside play, on the other hand, produces healthy weight, healthy growth and a healthy attitude!
Bad posture can put pressure on your spine leading to fatigue and headaches as well as back pain. It can also compress your internal organs, affecting your breathing, digestion and blood pressure. Do the right thing by your body - and learn how to stand tall!
While jogging might give you a runner’s high, pounding the pavement can also leave you with a few niggles and nasties to manage. Here are some must-haves to help you across the finish line.