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Luke and Scott produce a pain-fighting punch with this adobo roast chicken, chimichurri sauce and red cabbage and lime slaw.
In the wellness traditions of many cultures, a foot massage isn’t just a feel-good piece of pampering at the end of a long day. It is widely believed to boost circulation, lift energy levels and dispel stress. Here’s how to give one – or better still, guide someone to do it for you!
Giving your feet a pedicure is a great way to boost moisture levels, repair rough skin and indulge in a little TLC. Here’s how to treat yourself to an at-home pedi. Do this pamper session once a week and your feet will be thanking you for it!
Luke and Scott's recipe for a super fresh and healthy salad.
The process that transforms the food you eat into the energy your body needs is called digestion. The time it takes for food to be fully digested varies (it takes longer to digest a steak than a slice of watermelon, for example), but it can take days!
While jogging might give you a runner’s high, pounding the pavement can also leave you with a few niggles and nasties to manage. Here are some must-haves to help you across the finish line.
Whether you’re a fitness guru or a couch potato, you’ve no doubt suffered from cramps at some point – those uncontrollable, painful muscle twitches and spasms that can bring you to your knees.
Almost two in three working Australians travel to their workplace by private car, according to analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data by social research company McCrindle. According to census data, those car trips are often long ones, with the average worker in Sydney and Melbourne spending over an hour a day in their car on their daily commute. Long periods of time spent cooped up in your car can be frustrating and stressful..
Along with nausea, swollen ankles, back aches and constipation, heartburn is one of the most common pregnancy complaints.
Q When should I go to see the doctor with a cold?