Q Should teenagers have flu shots?
During the teen years your child will start to look different, behave differently and even think differently. The plain fact of the matter is that he or she may also begin to be challenged by body odour. There’s nothing you and your teen can’t handle – BO included! It’s just a matter of sticking to some healthy hygiene habits.
Q What age should a girl be before she starts using hair removal products?
Aack! Whether you’re a teenager heading to the movies with mates or a mum preparing for a rare date night, the appearance of a sudden, super-sized pimple (or two!) can really ruin your night. Stock up on these basics and you’ll always be ready to combat a last minute skin emergency!
Stress is the body’s natural response to pressure. When you are in a risky situation, your heart rate increases, your start breathing faster, your blood pressure rises, muscles are tensed, pupils are dilated – in short, you are ready for action. But sometimes the body feels stress in relation to long-lasting events...
Pimple-prone skin is common in the teenage years. Usually, the sebaceous glands make just enough oil (called sebum) to keep hair and skin nicely lubricated. However, in adolescence, they sometimes start producing an excess of sebum, which can clog pores and cause pimples.
Why spend a fortune on make-up when a handful of super simple skincare strategies can help deliver glowing, healthy looking skin? Here’s what to do to get back to the beauty basics.
No parent wants to make their teen overly image conscious, but a fresh focus on skincare now will help your teen keep on top of the inevitable skin issues of adolescence. The routine laid out here is easy to follow, and will help establish healthy skin habits to last a lifetime.