10 smart swaps for a healthier diet
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24th April 2014
10 smart swaps for a healthier diet

Our waistlines are growing, and with them the risk of developing chronic disease, heart conditions and type 2 diabetes. In fact, one in four children and more than 63 per cent of adults in Australia are overweight or obese, according to the Federal Government’s Shape Up Australia initiative. Here’s how simple everyday food swaps can have a big impact on your health.

TRY Lean red meat
As good as a sausage sandwich can be, try to avoid fatty processed meat as much as possible. With the average man needing around 65g of protein per day and a woman 45g (allowing slight variances for weight), the best source is lean red meat. Grilling rather than frying your lean meat is even better.


INSTEAD OF White rice
TRY Quinoa
This grain contains less calories and more protein than white rice, plus it’s a complex carbohydrate instead of a simple carb, meaning your blood sugars won’t spike abruptly and you will feel satisfied for longer. In fact, any rice, pasta and bread made from whole grains, rather than white or refined grains, will have a similar effect, as well as slashing your risk of coronary heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and diverticular disease.

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INSTEAD OF Ice-cream
TRY Frozen yogurt
They are both frozen and often eaten for dessert, but the big difference is one fat-laden ingredient – cream. Instead of cream, frozen yogurt is made with cultured milk. Just watch your portion size. Despite its lower fat content, frozen yogurt should still be considered a calorie and carbohydrate-containing treat.

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INSTEAD OF Margarine or butter
TRY Avocado
First scientists told us margarine was best for your health, then butter. To avoid confusion, why not opt for avocado. After all, the fruit is packed with fibre, folate, potassium, vitamin C, K and E. Plus, new research shows avocado can even help control appetite.

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INSTEAD OF A piece of pie
TRY A piece of fruit
It’s simple: pies can be packed with fat, salt and sugar and fruit is not. Plus, fruit can help protect your body against diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, some cancers and high blood pressure or hypertension. Try for two pieces of fruit a day.

HEALTHYBODIES Diet Healthyswaps Fruit IMAGE

INSTEAD OF Soft drink
TRY Fruit smoothie
Packed with sugar, which adds calories to your daily diet, soft drinks can be dangerous for your waistline. In Australia, a 600ml bottle of soft drink can contain the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar. Instead, fruit smoothies will nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. It’s best to make smoothies from whole fruit, with edible skins included where possible. If you’re juicing, remember that juicers can remove a lot of the fibre content of fruit. If you’re juicing on a regular basis, you might benefit from a fibre supplement, such as Fybogel Natural Fibre Supplement, to keep you regular.

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INSTEAD OF Potato chips
TRY Air-popped popcorn
With researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania finding popcorn has more polyphenols – an antioxidant linked with reducing heart disease and certain cancers – than fruits and vegetables, this low-carb alternative is a definite winner. “Naked”, or air-popped popcorn (no oil and butter) is best.

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INSTEAD OF A muesli bar
TRY Veggie sticks with hummus
It’s 3 o’clock and you have the munchies. Low on sugar and high on vitamins, minerals, plant chemicals and fibre, sticks or carrot, celery and capsicum dipped into satisfying hummus will keep you feeling full for longer, meaning you will concentrate, learn and even sleep better than if you rely on a sweet treat.

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INSTEAD OF Milk chocolate
TRY Dark chocolate
Sometimes you just can’t get through a day without a little choccy. But if you do have the urge, reach for the dark stuff because its fat content is lower and cocoa count higher. Cocoa beans contain more than 600 plant chemicals, including antioxidants that could protect against heart disease and cancer.

HEALTHYBODIES Diet Healthyswaps Darkchoc IMAGE

INSTEAD OF Hot chips
TRY Kohlrabi chips
Kohlrabi is a type of turnip cabbage, but it’s rich in vitamin C, minerals and phytochemicals, linked with having a positive effect on cancer, stroke and metabolic syndrome.

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