Should children wear sunglasses?
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23rd April 2014
Should children wear sunglasses?

Q Should children wear sunglasses?

A Yes, and the earlier the better! The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause short-term problems such as excessive blinking, swelling and sunburn of the cornea. There’s also more serious, long-term issues including cataracts and cancer. No matter how much your toddler loves her toy sunnies, they are of little use when it comes to true sun protection. Instead, seek out children’s sunglasses that meet Australian Standards. The highest category of sun protection is 4, and some sunglasses also carry an Eye Protection Factor (EPF), with 10 the highest rating in Australia. Be sure that they fit closely to your child’s face. And as kids love wearing sunglasses for long periods about as much as they love wearing a hat (in other words, not at all), look for styles with elasticised straps so they stay put even when they are tugged off.