Why do I have bloodshot eyes?
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23rd April 2014
Why do I have bloodshot eyes?

Q Why do I have bloodshot eyes?
A When insufficient oxygen is pumped to your cornea or the tissues surrounding your eyes, the tiny blood vessels on the surface of your eye become enlarged and full of blood, resulting in bloodshot eyes. It sounds horrible, but it usually looks worse than it feels. If you wake up bleary-eyed in the morning, it could be because of lack of sleep, too much alcohol, using certain cosmetic products at night or decreased tear secretion (which can dry eyes out). If your eyes are looking bloodshot at night, it could be due to excessive sun exposure during the day, exposure to chemical fumes or cigarette smoke, eye strain or overuse of contact lenses. You can help soothe eyes with eye drops or try an eye spray that is formulated to help repair the eye’s natural protective moisture barrier and give instant relief.


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