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The Evolution Of Our Feet Featured Image
It makes sense that as the human race has evolved, our physical selves have too. But unlike normal theories of evolution, we may have actually been doing more damage than advancement when it comes to our feet.
If you’re inclined to overlook tender toenails or dried skin on your feet, think again. Neglecting your feet – the most used but often abused part of your body – can lead to chronic problems that can keep you out of action for weeks. While you should always see your doctor for any serious foot foibles, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your feet fit, and the rest of your body healthy.
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A new pair of shoes can have you looking sensational, but sometimes they leave your feet a little worse for wear. Kit yourself out with these products and you’ll be ready to deal with the damage!
While jogging might give you a runner’s high, pounding the pavement can also leave you with a few niggles and nasties to manage. Here are some must-haves to help you across the finish line.