New shoe foot rescue kit
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23rd April 2014
New shoe foot rescue kit

A new pair of shoes can have you looking sensational, but sometimes they leave your feet a little worse for wear. Kit yourself out with these products and you’ll be ready to deal with the damage!

  • Blister care Before your new shoes soften up, your feet are likely to suffer some friction and rubbing which may result in a blister or two – usually in the most annoying of spots like on the heel or little toe. It’s not a good idea to pop a blister because the fluid inside the blister protects against infection and promotes healing. However, if your blister is particularly large or painful and you can’t resist, sterilise a needle tip under a red-hot flame or by rinsing it in alcohol. Wash your hands and the area around the blister thoroughly. Next, make a small hole and squeeze the fluid out. Look out for white or yellow fluid, which indicates infection, and never pick at the skin over the broken blister as it provides protection.
  • Blister protection It’s a good idea to protect your blister with a plaster such as Scholl Blister Shield Plasters. The outer shield of the plaster protects the blister from further friction and rubbing while the soft gel cushions the blister.
  • Cushioned soles If you’ve been on your feet all day with your new shoes on, it’s likely your feet will be feeling sore and tender. You can reduce that wear and tear by wearing a cushioning insole. The insole acts like a shock absorber, softening the impact as your foot strikes the ground. Choose a product made from a soft, breathable material which will allow perspiration to escape. Scholl Air-Pillo Comfort Insoles, made from latex foam, are a good option. Whatever product you buy, cut the insole to shape for the perfect fit.
  • Heel liners Shoes that fit well across the middle with plenty of room for your toes may be loose around the heel. A heel liner like Scholl Leather Heel Liners will provide cushioning protection around the heel and help improve the fit of loose-fitting shoes.


Scholl Blister Shield Plasters
Scholl Blister Shield Plasters are an advanced blister protection plaster utilising a revolutionary dual layer Hydra-Guard™ Technology. The hard outer shield protects and guards the formed blister from friction and rubbing. The soft gel island provides cushioning and may assist healing by keeping the blister hydrated and flexible. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Scholl Air-Pillo Comfort Insoles
Scholl Air-Pillo insoles are specifically designed for everyday use to provide all day comfort and cushioning. They are washable, easy to insert and east to adjust. Airflow latex foam helps feet breathe.

Scholl Leather Heel Liners
Scholl Heel Leather Liners improve the fit of loose fitting shoes, are cushioned for comfort and prevent friction around the heel. Ideal for all types of closed footwear.