What can I do for cracked heels?
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23rd April 2014
What can I do for cracked heels?

Q What can I do for cracked heels?
A Heels can crack or split when the skin around the heel is dry and has lost its elasticity and suppleness. Calluses, or a build up of dead skin, are often accompanied by the condition, which can be painful and unsightly. To help restore your heels when the skin loses its suppleness, try using a moisturising heel balm such as Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm Gold twice a day on towel-dried skin.  A pumice stone or a foot file can also help reduce the thickness of hard skin in problem areas. Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated, and make sure you wear shoes with an enclosed heel (no bare feet or thongs) and socks or stockings where possible. If things are still looking bleak, a podiatrist can help get to the bottom of your cracking conundrums and advise on which products are best for your skin type.


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