5 tips for a healthy work day
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23rd April 2014
5 tips for a healthy work day

Most of us spend a large chunk of our week in the workplace, so the habits we adopt there are going to have a big influence on our health and wellbeing. Don’t leave all those good intentions behind when you leave home! Here are five easy ways to help you keep on top of your health, fitness and hygiene while you’re at work.

1. Walk to work If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your day, try getting off the bus or train one stop earlier and walking to the office. At lunchtime, make a point of strolling to a nearby park or plaza to eat so that you get a bit of physical activity in the middle of the day. A walk, with arms exposed, for 6-7 minutes in the morning or afternoon in summer is sufficient for maintaining adequate vitamin D levels.

2. Have a glass of water. In fact, have a jug The Dietitians Association of Australia recommends that adults drink around 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid each day – more if you’re exposed to air-conditioning or heating for long periods, or you’re working outdoors in the sun. Staying hydrated will help you focus at work and stave off headaches. While all fluids count towards your intake, water is the best drink as it contains no kilojoules and offers the most efficient hydration for the body. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice if you crave a bit of flavor.

3. Think about keeping surfaces clean and healthy Australians are spending more and more time at their desks, often eating lunch in front of the computer instead of in a lunchroom or outside in a park. Wipe over your keyboard, mouse and surrounding desk areas with Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Wipes each morning to help keep surfaces clean and hygienic and give yourself a head start in the bid to stay healthy!

4. Sit right If you’re finding you’re stiff and sore at the end of the day, it may be that you need to adjust your workspace set up. Make sure your chair is comfortable, with your knees bent at 90° – use a footrest if you need to. Adjust your backrest so that your lower back is supported, and place your keyboard on the desk so that your forearms are close to horizontal and your wrists straight. Remember to get up and walk around, focusing your eyes away from the screen and into the distance at regular intervals.

5. Wash your hands. Washing hands after using the toilet, sneezing and before and after handling food is essential for helping to prevent the spread of germs. It might come as a surprise, then, to find that up to 95 per cent of people don’t wash their hands properly after using the bathroom. Fifteen to twenty seconds of vigorous hand-washing is the best way to get hands truly clean. To make sure you (and your colleagues) are washing up thoroughly, stock the bathroom with an antibacterial soap such as Dettol Moisture Antibacterial Hand Wash.


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