6 tips for tackling teen odours
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23rd April 2014
6 tips for tackling teen odours

During the teen years your child will start to look different, behave differently and even think differently. The plain fact of the matter is that he or she may also begin to be challenged by body odour. There’s nothing you and your teen can’t handle – BO included! It’s just a matter of sticking to some healthy hygiene habits.

  • Have a shower or bath every day Once kids hit their teens, they start producing different secretions from their sweat glands. Body odour is a result of those secretions making contact with bacteria on the skin. Washing every day and particularly after very sweaty activities like sports will rinse away most of the bacteria and reduce the chance of a body odour reaction.
  • Use an antiperspirant or a deodorant You may think your teen doesn’t need deodorant, and you may be right. If he doesn’t smell or sweat excessively, there really is no need for it. However, if body odour is a big issue, then you may want to consider recommending a product that reduces the amount of sweat being produced (antiperspirant). Alternatively, suggest a deodorant which doesn’t inhibit sweat, but does offer a cover-up fragrance.
  • Wear clean clothes everyday Used clothes can hold on to both sweat and bacteria ¬– the base ingredients of body odour. Encourage your teen to send the day’s clothes to the washing machine and start fresh the next day. Slipping out of uniforms and straight into a change of clothes after school can be a good habit to introduce, too.
  • Wash your feet The reaction between sweat and bacteria elsewhere on the body is just as potent on the feet – if not more so! To avoid bad foot odour, your teen should make an effort to clean the undersides of the feet and between the toes at every wash.
  • Deodorise your shoes Smelly feet can result in smelly shoes. To get the built-up whiff out of your teen’s shoes, you could dust them cornstarch to soak up the sweat. Alternatively, use a spray product like Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray, which gets rid of unwelcome odours without any messy powder.
  • Deodorise your feet In addition to cleaning feet, you can encourage your teen to try an antiperspirant for feet. Like body antiperspirants, products like Scholl Fresh Step Anti-Perspirant Foot Spray reduce the amount of sweat on the surface of the feet, which in turn limits the opportunity for a body odour reaction. You can also get specially-designed insoles that contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to further reduce the chance of body odour. Scholl Odour Control Insoles also have charcoal technology, which helps to neutralize odours coming from both the foot and the shoe.


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