7 golden rules of safe food handling
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24th April 2014
7 golden rules of safe food handling

To help keep your family healthy, it’s important to learn good food handling habits. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Know the danger zone Bacteria thrives in temperatures between 5°C and 60°C. This is known as the temperature danger zone. Make sure hot foods are kept above 60°C, your fridge is set below 5°C, and your freezer below -15°C.

  • Store raw food in a sealed container Raw food may contain bacteria that can cross-contaminate the cooked food in your fridge, so keep it separate. If you have raw meats, store them in a sealed container on the lowest shelf of the fridge so there’s no chance of drips landing on any other food.
  • Don’t leave cooked food to cool on the kitchen bench If you’re storing cooked food, wait until the steam stops rising, then pop it into a sealed container and straight in the fridge.
  • Invest in a thermometer It is very hard for bacteria to survive at high temperatures. Heating (or reheating) food to 75°C is a good safeguard. Use a food thermometer if you want an accurate reading.
  • Shop smart It’s important that chilled goods bought at the supermarket stay cold (below 5°C) and hot foods stay hot (above 60°) so buy these items at the very end of your shopping trip. Insulated shopping bags can help maintain temperatures. Keep raw meat away from other produce while travelling. Take shopping home as quickly as possible and get chilled foods in to the fridge or freezer immediately.
  • Keep it clean on the kitchen bench Cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods is one of the biggest problems in the kitchen. To avoid it, wash the utensils and chopping surfaces you used for your raw foods before reusing on cooked foods – or have a completely different set ready to go.
  • Watch what you touch Your bare hands can take bacteria from one food to another. Wash your hands regularly while working in the kitchen, especially when handling raw and cooked foods at the same time. Ideally, invest in a hands-free hygiene system so that you don’t even have to touch the pump. Look for a product such as the Dettol No Touch Hand Wash Dispenser which has a sensor that automatically dispenses anti-bacterial soap.


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